Banana Disease Fusarium

Posted on May 4, 2009. Filed under: Agriculture |

Fusarium fungus attack many cultivar banana plants in Cilacap, this fungus attacks the banana plantation and caused yelow leaf, blooding,and rot of root. Chlamidospora fungus Fusarium spread quickly and survive long in the land, spread to other plants through vector, water, plant roots contact, using agricultural tools.

Kultivar fungus Fusarium attack banana plants in asia, american, african, australia and reported the loss of economic, while in Indonesia Jamur Fusarium attacks have increased and can cause a loss economically, this many Cultivar plants grow in the Cilacap region has attack this disease and cause a loss of banana crop production significantly.

Control of Fusarium diseases fading can be done in a way Eradication, the use of healthy seedlings, using the seeds of resistance to Fusarium fungus resistant to fading, the use of fungicide to reduce chlamidospora in the land, the use of agricultural tools from the net Jamur Fusarium, sterilizing the soil around the plant disease fading fusarium and using disease biological control using natural enemies Burkholderia cepacia.

Control of biological recommended because it can effectively pressed of fusarium fungus growth on the plant attack Fusarium. Biological control in an integrated suggested that more effective without any negative impact on the environment.


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